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What we do

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Residential Services

Persons in supported living may require assistance with daily living activities. This is accomplished by proving support in our homes. Individuals with an intellectual disability are assisted to lead a self-directed life and contribute to the community. Our direct support workers encourage attitudes and behaviors that enhance community inclusion. Grandview Gateways provides supports to people with disabilities in their homes, or at work, school, church, and other community places.


Employment Services

The main goal of our supported employment is for individuals with  disabilities to successfully obtain and maintain employment.  Other services that are provided to individuals who participate in supported employment services include transportation assistance, mental health services, skills/life skills training. Another important aspect of supported employment is the emphasis on community inclusion.

Senior Activity Centre

Our Senior Activity Centre creates opportunities for seniors to bond with one another.  We aim to promote wellness by integrating physically and mentally engaging activities.


Supported Independent Living Program

The goal of the Supported Independent Living program is to promote, support and enable individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve their potential and be independent in the community. Services provided are identified through the Person Centered Planning process to ensure that the individual’s physical, psychological, and emotional needs are recognized and addressed. Supports may include assisting individuals with medical treatments, personal hygiene, cooking, shopping, meal supervision, grocery and personal shopping, appointments, social skills training and transportation.