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Grandview Gateways Family Newsletter Feb 2021

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We are still operating Covid-Free!

The dedication of our staff has been outstanding to say the least. The Province has been staying in close contact with us regarding re-ordering of our PPE and ensuring that we don’t run out.

In this constantly changing world we are living in, we find ourselves wanting to share updates around visitation with your loved ones. Due to the uniqueness of our residential living, we are encouraging you to contact Mindy directly with visitation questions. As always, she can be reached at 204-546-2515 or at slpcoordintor@gvrsi.com.




Connie’s Corner

Welcome to our family newsletter. Thank you for taking the time to read and keep updated with out activities.
COVID has brought challenges. We are mandated by the Department of Family Services — thank you for your patience as we implement the rules. And our efforts have worked. So far we are COVID free. We have an amazing, caring team at Grandview Gateways who are committed to keeping our residents healthy and safe. And if we get a positive COVID case we are prepared.
If you ever have questions or concerns, please contact me at (204)546-2890.

Connie Krahenbil
Executive Director



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