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What is Grandview Gateways Inc.?

Grandview Gateways is a non-profit organization Grandview Gateways Inc. (GGI) is a Not-For-Profit Agency which is committed to providing residential and day supports to vulnerable adults living with an intellectual disability.  GGI is governed by 11 directors  We have Charity Status and accept charitable donations.

Grandview Gateways Inc. Mission Statement

Grandview Gateways is committed to ensuring respectful and qualitative residential and day services, supports, and challenges to vulnerable persons living with a developmental disability, and to provide ongoing education with regards to disabilities within Grandview and the surrounding communities so that vulnerable people can experience life to its fullest.

How big is GGI?

Our administration offices are located at 221 Roland Avenue. We currently have four supported properties, as well as supporting someone in their own home. We also have our day programs – the Friendly Corner Bakeshop and the Friendly Corner Activity Center. GGI employs over 40 people from Grandview and the surrounding communities

How is GGI funded?

Grandview Gateways Inc.is a non-profit organization.  GGI has a Service Purchase Agreement (SPA) with Family Services which means that GGI provides a service for a fee from Family Services and the SPA outlines the legalities of business between GGI and the province.  We also access special grants, donations, fundraising projects, and revenue from our Friendly Corner Bakeshop.

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We need YOUR support to reach our three goals

  • To ensure all Manitobans with disabilities can participate fully in election activities and those who are eligible to vote can do so.
  • To promote priority attention for disability issues in the election.
  • To support Manitobans with disabilities in making informed voting decisions.

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News Update

Grandview Gateways Family Newsletter Feb 2021

Download PDF ( Family Newsletter Feb 2021) We are still operating Covid-Free! The dedication of our staff has been outstanding to say the least. The Province has been staying in close contact with us regarding re-ordering of our PPE and ensuring that we don’t run out. In this constantly changing world we are living in,…

February 7, 2021
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Grandview Gateways Inc. Donation Drive Help Us Fill Our Home!

We have been blessed with the donation of a house to continue with our Mission and Vision of assisting adults to live as independently as possible! This is such a gift and we are excited to have the opportunity to grow within our community. But we need your help! We are graciously accepting donations of…

November 10, 2020
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